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Ngaio School Sports Uniforms

Children on after-school hockey, netball and miniball teams wear the Ngaio School Sport Uniform. There are some exceptions for teams involving younger players. Please see the details for each sport or contact your co-ordinator for more information. 

Players may purchase uniforms from NZ Uniforms either via their website or shop in Thorndon. Please follow this link to see the Ngaio School online uniform shop. If there are circumstances that make it difficult for families to meet the cost of sports uniform, please contact Raewyn Watson as support can be provided.

For sporting events such as Northern Zone where a child is requiring a uniform for one day only, they will be issued one a few days before the event. This must be washed, dried and returned to the office in a named bag. Children who already have Ngaio School Sports Uniform from their after-school team should wear their own uniform instead.


The team manager will inform parents/caregivers of the cost for each code and it is imperative that this fee is paid to the office before the season starts.  Failure to pay may result in your child not being able to play. If you have any issues with payment, please contact the office as soon as possible.


By enrolling your child in an after school sport, you must accept the responsibility of ensuring your child can attend practices and games. The school cannot accept responsibility for transporting children.

Parent Coaches

We rely on parents to coach teams. In the past we have paid for parents to attend coaching courses to enable them to feel more confident in the role. Please contact me if you wish to be considered for such courses. In the unfortunate situation of no parents offering to coach or manage a team we become unable to offer that sport to the children.  Adults that work closely with children may need to be police vetted. For any further enquires about this please contact the school office.


Some codes will have trials at the beginning of the season and teams will be selected due to performance at these trials. Children will be given notice of the trials at school. We aim to provide all interested children the opportunity to trial for sports teams.