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Ngaio School Gala

2018 Gala - 4 March (11am to 2pm)


We need your help to make the gala a success! Please keep an eye on gala news (see the bottom of the page for past editions) for all the ways you can help but right now our priority is volunteers to run the stalls on the day.


The online system for volunteers is open now. All the stalls and activities at the Gala are run by parent volunteers – the more volunteers we have, the less everyone needs to do. If you haven’t signed up already, please go to and enter the code 2ycnr and follow the steps to volunteer for a shift on a stall.

If you are not able to help at the Gala, it would be helpful if you could go onto the website and mark yourself as unavailable.  This will save us following-up with families who are not available.

Things to note about the online booking system:

  • The booking times on the website are just an indication.  Your stall coordinator will contact you closer to the Gala to confirm timings.
  • One email address can be used to make up to two volunteer bookings.
  • If two parents from one family are making a booking with the same email address, you will only be able to input one name for both bookings.  We can update the names for you in time. 
  • You are not able to book two people (using one email address) for shifts at the same time.  Again, if this affects you, please email us and we will sort this out for you.

Any issues, concerns or comments, please email or talk to Emma Mills or Bindy Tatham at school.