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Leadership at Ngaio School

Introducing the 2016 Leadership Team


We value and promote student leadership at Ngaio School. Students across the school are provided with opportunities that encourage them to both lead their peers and take on school-wide responsibility.

Student Leadership is promoted across the curriculum in areas such as Sport,  the Arts and ICT.   Students are also given leadership roles in extra-curricular activities and across Syndicates, at student led Syndicate Assemblies.

Year 5-6 students take school-wide responsibility as Bell Monitors, Road Patrol Montiors and as Sushi Monitors.

Senior students demonstrate support and leadership to the younger students school through their involvement in programmes such as: Buddy Reading Tutors, Lunchtime Buddies, LINK Buddies, and as MacAttack Leaders.

Student Leaders in Years 4-6 represent their class on the Ngaio School Student Council and work together to provide ‘student voice’ to on-going school wide projects.

Our Year 6 Leadership Group, made up of six Student Leaders, work alongside the Student Council providing schoolwide activities and events.    

This year the Student Council will be focused on looking at the value of Respect and how to best make this 'come alive' across the school. The work that was begun last year will continue with a specific focus on demonstrating respect for and in our outside environment. 
We are looking to introducing the "Friendship Bench"(that was built last year by the Year 6 Leadership Group) into the playground to ensure that everyone is well cared for and included in the playground.  

Student Leaders 2016 attending the National Young Leaders Day