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Beginner’s Guide to the Gala

2018 Gala - 4 March (11am to 2pm)


The Ngaio School Gala is a real institution amongst the community. It’s great fun for kids and grown-ups alike and as the PTA’s major fundraiser it provides valuable resources for our kids such as IT devices and playground equipment.

For those that are new to the school or the gala here are a few helpful hints and explanations to guide you through your Gala experience!

Gala:   (n)   a festive or special occasion.

Ngaio School Gala:   (n) as above, also an all-encompassing super-event involving the whole community which provides valuable funding for extras around the school like playground equipment and extra IT devices.


Cake Box:  (n)   container for baked goods.   Cardboard box that will come home for each family to fill with delicious cakes, slices, biscuits and other baked goods.   If this is your forte, we welcome multiple items!  If it’s not your forte, donations of ingredients such as flour or sugar are most welcome.

White Elephant:  (n)   a useless and troublesome possession or thing.   In other words – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.   However, please keep in mind that goods need to be saleable, so no broken, worn out or unusable objects.

Entertainment:   (n)   a public performance or show.   There is something for everyonekeep the kids happy on the Bouncy Castle or the Giant Slide. They can be beautified at the Face Painting, or deliciously freaked out in the Scary Room. For the more adventurous, there’s the Horizontal Bungy.


Stalls:   (n)   a trader’s stand or booth.   From Books, Cakes, Clothes, Craft, Plants & Toys, there’s something for all to look at and buy.

Sweets:    (n)   confectionary.   Russian fudge, chocolate fudge, coconut ice, toffee, candyfloss,  lolly necklaces – if you can make it and it, we’ll happily bag and sell it. 

Food:   (n)   a nutritious substance.   Also delicious – from the old favourites of sausages and hamburgers to ethnic delights such as sushi, paella and curry and roti – there’s always a delicious mouthful to be had!