Ngaio School

Our Place to Learn


Office Staff
Kowhai Syndicate
Pohutukawa Syndicate
Kakapo Syndicate
Tui Syndicate
Part Time and Support Staff
Karen Doogan (Part Time Teacher)
Sandra Traut (Part Time Teacher)
Charmaine Doole (Part TimeTeacher)
Donna Beechey (Part Time Teacher)
Karen Lewes (Part Time Teacher)
Liz Birkett (Part Time Teacher)
Penny Orbell (Part Time Teacher)
Susie McCormick (Teacher Aide)
Jordyn O'Keeffe (Teacher Aide)
Charlene Mitchell (Teacher Aide)
Heather Orde (Teacher Aide)
Kerry Sutherland (Teacher Aide)

Desmond Lyons (Cleaner)