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Parent Teacher Association

Who we are

The Ngaio School PTA is the forum for Ngaio School parents and caregivers to support our students, engage the wider school community, and encourage a strong partnership between our homes and our school.

The PTA consists of an executive committee who are elected annually, and who host general committee meetings every month. Every parent or caregiver of a child at Ngaio School is automatically a member of the PTA, and is warmly invited to attend PTA meetings, participate in PTA decisions, and contribute to PTA activities: we depend on volunteers to get things done.

What we do

PTA volunteers have a variety of roles around  the school, including:

  • Organising the Gala, sausage sizzles, Ngaio School hats and shirts, and other fundraising activities

  • Planning and managing social events such as Class Coffee Mornings, School Discos,  the Year 6 Leavers’ Function, and supporting the New Parent Information Sessions.

  • Funding improvements to the school environs, including drinking fountains, landscaping, and seating.

  • Funding classroom extras, like computer equipment, library books and dictionaries.

  • Producing the Year Six Leavers’ Book.

  • Supervising the school road patrol.

A major focus for the PTA at the moment is working with the Principal and the Board of Trustees to help make sure the new buildings will meet all the school’s needs.

PTA Meetings

At PTA meetings we talk about how to improve the school for our kids and build the school community. The Executive Committee members are present, and also the Principal, a Teachers’ representative, a Board of Trustees representative, and any parents and caregivers who choose to attend.

Everyone who is a parent or caregiver of a child at Ngaio School is automatically a member of the PTA, and is warmly invited to attend these meetings (or to send their spouse).

Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.45pm in the Staffroom (enter through the school office). If it is your first time attending, you can check the date and time in the school newsletter, or by emailing the PTA

Getting in touch

Members are always welcome, and we value feedback of all kinds, suggestions, and offers of help!  

Please Contact us on or get in touch with the committee directly:

President – Leanne Hay   

Vice President – Jo MacKenzie

Secretary – Carolyn McConnochie

Treasurer – Judith Yeabsley

Community Liaison – Kylie Johnstone

Gala Co-ordinator – Celia Horner

Teacher Representative – Kirsten Reid


The PTA also supports a parent group that focuses on the school’s outdoor areas, with the aim of giving the children the best possible learning environment. 
The Ngaio School Environment Group (Nestegg) operates under a landscape masterplan created by the community — see the Nestegg blog for more info. 
The plan is available in the school office to look through.
The plan’s vision: Our environment is a springboard for learning — a rich sustainable, outdoor environment that supports the educational outcomes of our children by providing a diverse range of play and learning areas in both natural and structured environments.
One special feature of Ngaio School is its arboretum area: a forest zone with mixed areas of growth and play. As well as looking after ’the arb’, Nestegg also helps develop other natural/outdoor zones (such as a playbank in development near the mini ball courts) and edible gardens. There’s lots we can do, especially as the construction programme nears its end. 
For more information, contact Ngaio School Environment Group (Nestegg) coordinator Naomi O’Connor


School-branded T-shirts for sale The school T-shirts have been so popular that we have printed another batch. The T-shirts come in three colours- red, blue and green - and have the Ngaio School logo on the front. They are available in sizes 6,8,10 and 12 and are good quality, hard wearing T-shirts. The PTA sell them as a fundraiser for $20.  These are available from the school office

PTA Meeting Dates - 7.45pm in the staffroom